Saci updates its electric vehicle meter range

SACI introduces its new M1DL3-MID and M1DL3T-MID meters, both of which are improvements over their previous versions and offer unique features in the energy sector.

Energy costs are a major concern for all residential, tertiary and industrial installations. A decisive factor that led SACI to design a solution to control the energy installation through the M1DL3-MID meter. A single phase device with RS 485 communication, DIN rail mounting and for indoor use.

The device acts as an energy meter and measures the parameters of a single phase low voltage network. It has RS 485 communication. The M1DL3T-MID version offers tariffs with hourly discrimination. The M1DL3-MID single-phase meter has an LCD display, screw terminal and Modbus RTU protocol, and is also direct and self-powered. Its dimensions are 18 x 72 x 90 mm. The housing is made of PBT and PC.

The M1DL3-MID is designed and manufactured for M1 mechanical and E2 electromagnetic environments in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU and complies with EN 50470-1/3 with accuracy class B for active energy and class 2 for reactive energy. It can also be used as an analyser, measuring the various parameters of a single-phase system. The measured values can be displayed or transmitted via the RS 485 port using the Modbus RTU protocol.

The upgrade of the M1DL3 direct reading meters also includes their adaptation to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. At a time like the present, when the development of electric mobility is unstoppable, the installation of meters such as those developed by SACI is becoming increasingly important.

The market already has a mature technology that provides appropriate price signals and offers users a wide range of options for charging their vehicles and, as the government’s plans show, the aim is to have 100,000 public charging points by 2023, in addition to the thousands already in operation throughout Spain. The future goal is to make the electricity grid more flexible with electric vehicles by offering additional revenue through availability payments.

The current market, which is concerned with efficiency and energy saving, together with the use of electric vehicles, justifies the development and updating of SACI’s single-phase direct meter, which is MID certified. MID is a European Union directive that aims to harmonise many aspects of legal metrology in all EU member states. Its main principle is that meters that receive MID approval can be used in all EU member states.

Energy meters used for billing purposes must be MID certified. This ensures that the quality of the meters is guaranteed, as it has been necessary for them to be tested by a Notified Body. SACI’s new solutions address the challenge of energy supply and consumption efficiency from a technological, innovative perspective, facilitating the energy transition to a more flexible, connected and decarbonised future.

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