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about us

SACI, a company with an international vision.

SACI (Sociedad Anónima de Construcciones Industriales) is one of the leading European companies focused on the design, manufacture and commercialization of equipment oriented to Electrical Energy Efficiency and Control. The Company offers products and solutions ranging from high quality analog instrumentation, digital instrumentation, current transformers and shunts, to network analyzers and regulators for power factor correction. 

We serve more than 50 countries and employ more than 150 people worldwide

Jesús Montalban


our philosophy

Mission, vision and values


Electricity is a powerful lever against climate change. Facing the challenges of the energy transition and digitization, SACI is a key promoter of energy management solutions. Our company places the energy transition at the heart of its strategy, and its commitment to build a sustanible future.

Building up a world of Energy who works for tomorrow
We leverage the innovation and long-term value added focusing in the global energy requirements.


SACI is an expertise manufacturer of products and services for the energy world, based on proximity and flexibility of local networks with the scalability of a worldwide expert.

We design innovative and efficient solutions for the world of  energy, with our own R&D department. A comprehensive portfolio offering the industrial, residential and commercial markets solutions based upon quality, reliability and efficiency.

Our company support customers providing a broad range of high-tech solutions, both innovative and sustainable products, in the field of automation, metering and energy management.

By putting customers at the heart of its value added model, SACI ensures the proximity and access to their solutions at any time and any place worldwide.

Boosting the future of Energy more digital and sustainable.
Creating new possibilities for energy management, integrating breakthrough technologies more sustainable and efficient.
Committed to empower the growth and long-term added value for the whole chain of value.


SACI is more than a supplier, helping customers to save time improving performances, and optimizing their energy consumption. Developing innovative and digital energy solutions we are drawing inspiration for our customers, creating more value, and helping end users and professionals to improve the performance of their operations.

Beyond this, being mindful of employees and wellbeing is one of our priorities, with the constant attention paid to every aspect of quality of work-life.

Upstream of the value chain, SACI is willing to develop long-term relationships with all of our suppliers and subcontratctors, embracing our company requirements for social responsibility.

Leading innovator.
Improving lives, protecting the safety of our society and for those who do work on our behalf.
Safety, Quality, aligning saving cost profile to market.
Focus on customer.
Environmentally-responsible brand.


Today, with more than 10 engineers, we continue to work continuously to meet our Customers’ needs and develop the most innovative products, facilitated by the latest technological advances. Our facilities and processes are fully ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to product and customer quality.