SACI promotes training by strengthening knowledge and alliances with Megasiem

At SACI, we believe in the importance of training, both in educational centres and in every professional field. For this reason, we are committed to continuous training, both within the company and for our customers and installers.

In this sense, at the beginning of January, we went to Zaragoza, to the headquarters of Megasiem, one of our customers, to offer them commercial training and to familiarise them with our wide range of products and services, so that they in turn can offer precise solutions adapted to the needs of installers.

During the training, we explore our extensive portfolio, highlighting the most innovative equipment and solving technical questions to improve product knowledge.

We believe that continuous training is essential to a dynamic and evolving electrical sector. By investing in the professional development of our employees and business partners, we are sowing the seeds for a brighter and more successful future.