SACI attends SOINME 2024 in Bilbao

On 29th February we attended SOINME 2024 (Sokoel Industrial Meeting), a conference organized by our client Sokoel at its facilities in Barakaldo (Bilbao).

In this multi-brand conference, we had the opportunity to present our equipment to all the visitors interested in advanced technologies for the industrial sector. Visitors who were interested in equipment such as the M1DL3-MID and TCIDL3-MID single and three-phase meters, or the SAM3001 analyzers, which provide a detailed and accurate analysis of energy performance in industrial environments.

By providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced solutions, SACI is actively contributing to the development and modernization of the industrial sector in the Vizcaya region and surrounding areas, consolidating its position as a leader in innovative industrial solutions.