SACI presents its new catalogue price list for 2024.

The new update is available from 1st February. This new format includes new products that consolidate the brand’s role in the management of energy infrastructures. This new edition of 2024 makes it easier for professionals to choose the best product from a wide range of: network analyzers, energy meters, transducers, digital and analogue instruments and transformers.

SACI’s new, more visual catalogue price list offers greater flexibility in identifying the best solution, which is now more clearly defined and visual.

What’s new in the General Catalogue 2024?

Among the main new features in the catalogue, SACI reinforces its commitment to SmartEnergy: the remote monitoring and control application designed for M2DWIFI-2 devices.

An advanced solution for the analysis of network parameters that allows real-time monitoring, report generation, events, the selection of a consumption target and the choice of a tariff to calculate the monthly cost of electricity. Also worth mentioning is the SAM3001, the most complete network analyzer, which allows a complete analysis of all network parameters in just 1 DIN module.

The 2024 General Catalogue is a tangible manifestation of SACI’s commitment to innovation and excellence. This catalogue includes advanced electrical solutions that not only comply with industry standards, but also embrace key concepts of decarbonisation and sustainability.

Check out the new catalogue!