The steady growth in the use of grid-connected devices has prompted an increasing number of power distribution companies to implement monitoring systems. These systems give them the ability to monitor both the output of transformer substations and end-users. This measure allows them to adjust their networks to meet the demands and changes in the evolution of the electricity system, both in the short and in the medium and long term.

The implementation of Advanced Low Voltage Supervision contributes to greater reliability of electricity supply, faster response to potential problems and improved operational efficiency in low voltage power grids.

In this context, SACI launches a series of resin encapsulated low power sensors; TUP80RV and TU_R. SACI’s low current sensors have been designed to be installed in low voltage or directly on insulated medium voltage cables. The resin encapsulation and plastic enclosure allows the transformer to be installed directly outdoors without any degradation or deterioration of its characteristics.

The millivolt output specification follows the latest standards and is a requirement demanded by utilities, something that is not yet common throughout the industry and which SACI has decided to start manufacturing. Thus, these sensors offer higher accuracy at low ratios, thanks to their type of construction. The low-power sensors developed by SACI also simplify the manufacture of measuring equipment, as the short-circuit values supported in one second are lower in millivolts than in amperes, which makes it simpler to protect equipment in voltage (mV) than in current (A).

An important feature is the use of cables with or without screen and with a smaller cross-section than the one used with output in amperes, which leads to a reduction in costs. In addition, the sensor in the trafo is smaller than usual, so the device is smaller in size.

The range of sensors developed by the Spanish manufacturer following the UNE-EN 61869-10 standard is available for both low and medium voltage. SACI’s low power sensors have an easy-clip connection, which allows a simple connection through a cable ending in an RJ45 terminal for those that have the cable incorporated or with an RJ45 socket in its base, thus making a simple connection from the transformers to the measuring equipment, without the need for terminals or screws.

On the other hand, this range of transformers can have the P1 side in a different colour, making it easier to distinguish their polarity. With all this, SACI continues to demonstrate its capacity for innovation and leadership in the electricity distribution market, anticipating the new scenarios that are emerging in the intelligent management of the energy network.

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