Domoelectra presents our M2DIWIFI-2 device

In an increasingly connected and technologically advanced world, efficient energy and power management has become a priority for homes, businesses and communities around the world.

The increasing reliance on electricity in our daily lives has created an urgent need to monitor installations remotely and be aware of any problems that may arise in real time.

In this context, electrical monitoring has emerged as one of the essential tools for optimising energy consumption, improving efficiency and promoting sustainability in buildings.

In this context, SACI has the M2DWIFI-2 device, an energy meter with real-time monitoring and remote control of the electrical panel.

Its features and innovations caught the attention of Domo Electra, which decided to produce a training video to explain its functions and applications.

In this 30-minute video, Manuel Amate, electrical installer and youtuber, explains in a simple way the requirements of the installation, the correct connection of the device, the unpacking of the device and its technical characteristics, its installation, its registration in the APP and the monitoring of the system.

Among the most outstanding features of the M2DWIFI-2 are the remote activation of the electrical panel, its programmable power limiter or the ability to estimate the cost of the electricity bill.

Thanks to the Smartenergy platform, available in both web version and mobile application, users can view all parameters in real time, set alarms, generate reports or remotely control the electrical panel, thus ensuring total control and efficient management of electrical energy.

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