SACI’s Annual Sales Convention shows the action lines for 2023

SACI, S.A. de Construcciones Industriales, held its annual sales convention in Madrid on 23rd and 24th March. The meeting brought together the entire sales and management team of the Spanish company and served to present the main lines of action for the coming years, new products, etc.

The convention began with a speech by Juan Manuel Cumplido, SACI’s Commercial Director, who emphasised the magnificent results achieved by the company in 2022, and outlined some of the milestones and objectives to be achieved in 2023.

The Commercial Director emphasised the evolution of SACI in all its parameters where the brand has grown in visibility, brand recognition, and sales: “we are a technological, innovative manufacturer that facilitates the energy transition towards a more flexible, connected, and decarbonised future”.

Juan Manuel Cumplido considers the 2022 financial year to be a success, with spectacular growth despite the economic situation, the sharp rise in raw material costs, component supply problems, etc. Positive results, and an entrepreneurial and international spirit, make it possible to say that today SACI is one of the most innovative brands in intelligent energy management.

The commercial strategies and product launches were then presented, such as the new SmartEnergy, the remote monitoring and control application for the M2DWIFI-2 equipment. A cutting-edge solution capable of analysing the different parameters of the network and which, through its platform, allows real-time monitoring, report creation, events, selection of a consumption target and tariff selection to calculate the monthly electricity cost.

The SAM3001 model was also presented, the most complete network analyser that allows an exhaustive analysis of all network parameters in just 2 DIN modules. In short, SACI’s technical department trained the sales network on the new 2023 equipment, defining technical characteristics, available versions, types of communication, power supply, etc.

SACI’s annual sales convention also served to reveal to the entire sales network the new appointments, such as Cristina Rodríguez, marketing manager, and Francisco Sánchez, new national sales manager. 

After the 2023 convention, SACI is ready to face new opportunities and challenges, taking on ambitious projects together with its strategic partners with a motivated sales network, which reinforces the team feeling that the company has had for more than 80 years.

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