Saci provides its consumption monitoring technology to the Green Office of Madrid City Council

On the 29th of June, SACI, together with other companies affiliated to ANESE – National Association of Energy Services Companies – participated in the conference “Consumption Monitoring for Decision Making”, organised by the Green Office of the Madrid City Council.

Our Commercial Director, Juan Manuel Cumplido, explained in his speech the importance of knowing how we use energy. This is key information for making decisions and improving energy efficiency, identifying areas for improvement and generating benefits for citizens by having smarter and more efficient buildings.

In order to obtain information on consumption habits, SACI is committed to digitising electrical installations with systems such as energy meters. These devices are able to measure and control energy, and therefore the cost of that energy. They also make it easier to calculate energy efficiency and identify areas or processes where there are cost overruns or inefficiencies. They can even be programmed to avoid overcharges and penalties by matching consumption to the terms of the contracted electricity supply.

Particular emphasis was placed on the range of MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) certified meters, a common framework for EU member states to establish defined accuracy margins and ensure reliable recording. MID certification is now mandatory for all electric vehicle charging products. This standard avoids falsified measurements and provides safe and reliable information for end users, as was made clear at the conference.

The Green Office of Madrid City Council is at the forefront of positively influencing citizens by identifying ways to modernise buildings for people’s well-being, with a clear promotion of building refurbishment with energy efficiency and sustainability criteria. It is a pioneering project that provides information on subsidies for energy efficiency and renovation and serves as a meeting point for professionals.

It is also a public-private collaboration project between the City of Madrid and various entities in the sector, such as ANESE, the National Association of Energy Services Companies, as well as professional associations, federations, etc.

Through this informative action, SACI aims to bring its own R&D and innovation to the people of Madrid, at the service of energy infrastructures, promoting the energy transition towards a more interconnected network model, with total control of the parameters and costs of the electrical installation.

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