TUP_R Protection Transformers

Description: The TUP_R current transformer for measurement instrumentation. Its envelope is made of resin. They are indicated for higher primary intensities. The TUP__R current transformer for protection instrumentation. It is a Bus-bar transformer, generally used for PCB, although it can also be used with cable. It is encapsulated in resin.

The TUP_R protection transformers have different transformation ratios, for primary from 500A to 5000A and secondary at 5A. The accuracy can be 5P10 or 10P10 according to IEC 61869-2.



Model / Bus-bar / Cable
TUP20RC / 80×20 / Ø20
TUP20R / 100×20 / Ø20
TUP60R / 100×60 / Ø60
TUP95R / 100×95 / Ø95

Usually for plates
Resin envelope
Greater robustness
Installation in adverse environment

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TUP_R Protection Transformers

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TUP_R Protection Transformers