TU3R, TUP20R Measurement transformers for Utilities

Current transformers for electricity company meters or for border points. They are transformers with primary winding or primary through, depending on the nominal intensity. lts envelope is made of resin for installation in environments with hostile weather. Transformers have different dimensions depending on the nominal intensities and the power needed. They are equipment that have Authorization of Use for the electricity network and with the certifications of the Ministry of lndustry for this purpose, as well as Verification in Origin, which gives them a unique certificate that accredits their correct operation and validity for fiscal measure.

Transformers have different transformation ratios, for primary ones from 50A to 2000 A and secondary ones at 1 A or 5 A. The accuracy classes can be 0.5S according to IEC 61869-2 and power 2.5 VA or 10 VA, according to the requirements of different power companies.



Model/ Bus-bar / Cable

Wound primary
TU3R / — / —

TUP20R / 100×20 / Ø20

Accuracy: 0,5s
For cable or bus-bar
Resin envelope

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TU3R, TUP20R Measurement transformers for Utilities

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TU3R, TUP20R Measurement transformers for Utilities