TU_R Low power CTs

SACI’s low power current transformers are designed for direct installation on insulated medium voltage cables. The resin encapsulation and plastic casing allow the transformer to be installed directly outdoors without any deterioration in its characteristics.

This transformer can have a different colour P1 side to make the polarity easy to distinguish.
The secondary connection is made with a cable terminated with an RJ45 connector, pins 1 (S1) and 2 (S2).



Model/ Cable
TU40RGI/ ø40mm
TU60PRI / ø61mm
TUP85R / ø85mm
TUP140R / ø140mm

Rated primary current In: 300…2000 A
Rated secondary voltage: 225 Mv
Permissible load: ≥ 10 kΩ
Accuracy class: 0,5s
IP protection: IP65

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TU_R Low power CTs

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TU_R Low power CTs