TU_PS-3 Triple narrow-profile transformers

TU_PS-3 current transformers for measurement instrumentation, designed for three-phase systems. They are transformers for primary through, for cable and with different window sizes, their envelope is plastic. They have a narrow profile, and as they have the three phases in the same equipment they allow a better adaptation in the frame due to its small dimensions.

Transformers have different transformation ratios, for primary ones from 30A to 600A and secondary ones at 1 A or 5 A. The accuracy classes can be 0,5, 1 or 3 according to IEC 61869-2. Depending on the model and class, the power of the secondary load varies.



Model/ Bus-bar / Cable
TU20PS-3/ 20×6/ Ø18
TU30PS-3 / 30×10 / Ø25

• Bus-bar
• For low currents
• For cable or bus-bar
• Plastic casing
• Available in resin
• Narrow profile

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TU_PS-3 Triple narrow-profile transformers

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TU_PS-3 Triple narrow-profile transformers