TEH-132 Hall Effect Current Transformer

These transformers use the Hall effect to measuring currents and magnetic fields. These devices typically have a magnetic core around which coils are wound to generate an output signal proportional to the input current. This type of transformer is used in a variety of applications, such as measuring currents in power systems and detecting magnetic fields in industrial sensors.

Direct current use.




Voltage Supply (Vc): ±12 V – 15V DC (±5%)
Load resistor( RL): > 1 kΩ
Output Voltage (analog) ±Ipn(Vout): AC Accuracy: ±4 V or 4-20 mA
Linearity Error: ± 1 %
Electric offset Voltage: ± 0.5 %
Thermal Drift of Voe: <± 10 mV
Thermal Drift of Vout: <± 1mV / ºC
Response time: ± 0.05% / ºC: < 3 μs
Accurately Followed di/dt: > 50 A/μs
BW Band width: DC 50 kHz
VIS Isolation voltage: 5 kV
RIS Isolation resistor: >500 MΩ
Ic Current Consumption: < 20 mA

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TEH-132 Hall Effect Current Transformer

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TEH-132 Hall Effect Current Transformer