Repeater RT485

Description: The RT485 repeater is a communication equipment that allows the extension of a RS485 bus in order to increase communication distance, or the maximum recommended number of terminals. It receives a communication from the bus and sends it to the other bidirectionally. It allows two or four wires connection and due to an auxiliary power supply it separates the two communication buses electrically. LEDs on the front display operation signals.



  • DIN rail mounting
  • Connections: 2 or 4 wire
  • Optical insulation between RS232 and RS485 serial port
  • 2 or 4 wire



  • Number of outputs: 1
  • Type: RS 485


  • Number of outputs: 1
  • Type: RS 485
  • Baud rate: 300 – 19200 bauds


  • AC: 110, 220 or 400 V
  • DC: 24, 48, 110 or 220 V

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Repeater RT485

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Repeater RT485