Measuring Transducer CP200_ – CP300_ – CP400_

Description: The measuring transducers CP200_, CP300_ or CP400_ are controlled by a 16-bit microprocessor. They are configured by means of software. They have two, three or four analogue outputs and two contact outputs, which can be configured as energy pulses, alarm or programmable contacts. The serial output can be RS 232, RS 485 or RS485.

Their use has the following advantages:

Increased accuracy and reliability
Easy transport of the measurement signal by means of two small cross-section cables or shielded cable.
Possibility of computer processing of all the data obtained.
Low input consumption allowing the use of smaller measuring transformers.
Savings in materials and installation assembly costs.
Savings in the stock of measuring equipment by supplying a standardised output signal.



Measuring variable selectable for each analogue output
Start and end of scale programmable in the output range
End of scale ratings 1, 5, 10, 20 or 4-20 mA DC and 1, 5 or 10 V DC. uni or bidirectional
Optocoupler isolation

Two relay outputs (10 A, 30 V D.C / 250 V A.C.)
Programmable as:
Pulses for active energy or reactive energy.
Maximum or minimum alarm related to the measured value
Output contacts (controlled from the central unit)

Type RS 232, RS 485 or RS 232 and RS 485
Read only: electrical quantities and data
Write only: program data, reset and activation of the output contacts.
2 or 4 wires direct to the device
MODBUS / JBUS communication protocol
Isolation by means of optocoupler

Via serial output:
Baud rate: 9600 baud by default
Address: 0 – 255
Primary current
Primary voltage
Analogue outputs: Measured variable, start of scale and end of scale
Programmable digital outputs such as:
Energy pulses: active or reactive energy constant.
Alarm: measurement quantity, value and type of alarm (max. or min.)
Output contacts controlled from the computer


AC current: 5 A or 1 A (…/5 or …/1 A)
Measuring range: 0 – 120 %.
AC voltage: 100, 110, 230, 400 or 440 V

Analogue outputs:

1, 5, 10, 20 or 4-20 mA
1, 5, 10, 1-5 or 2-10 V
Load impedance:
RO (kohm) = 12 V /lo (mA) Max.
RO (kohm) = Vo / 30 mA Min
Saturation limit: 1.2 lo – 1.2 Vo


Digital outputs: 2 relays
Serial output: RS 232 or RS 485 or both
Protocol: MODBUS / JBUS
Baud rate: Selectable 300 – 19200 bauds
Operating frequency: 50 and 60 Hz
Reference temperature: 23 ºC ± 1 ºC
Temperature coefficient: 2 relays
Operating temp.: -10 ºC to +55 ºC
Linearity error: ≤ 0,05
Ripple: ≤ 0.1
Response temperature: ≤ 200 ms (0-90 % lo)

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Measuring Transducer CP200_ – CP300_ – CP400_

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Measuring Transducer CP200_ – CP300_ – CP400_