Instruments with contacts

Measuring (indication) and control (keeping it into a range in value and time) of any electrical magnitude.



Scale: 90°.
Accuracy: 1,5 %.
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Burden: <1.5 VA for AC / <1 mA for DC
2 contacts and 2 control LEDs
Rear adjustment
2 channels
2 potentiometers per channel
Setting: 0-100% of full scale value or ±100% (Bidirectional)
Delay time: 0-30 s.. ±10%
Repeatability: ±1% of full scale value
Output relays: 2 (Max. 400 V, 1 A, 200 VA A.C.)
Mechanical life: 107 operations
Control cover: Sealable
Auxiliary power supply: 110, 230, 400V AC

Technical specifications same as pointer instruments
– Moving iron (mA and A)
– Moving coil (mV, V, µA, mA and A)
– Moving coil with rectifier ( mV, V, mA and A)
– Frequency meters (Hz)
-Measurers for converters (mA and V)

Contacts: 1 Min – 1 Max
Dimensions: 96x96mm
Approx. weight: 0,55kg
Contacts: 2 Max
Dimensions: 96x96mm
Approx. weight: 0,55kg

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Instruments with contacts

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Instruments with contacts