M1DL-MID Energy meter

Description: The M1DL-MID is a single phase DIN rail electric energy meter for measurement of active energy in residential, commercial and/or light industrial area, camping, caravans… This energy meter is intended for connection to the distribution network directly. It measures active energy in import direction in class B as per EN 50470-1 y 50470-3. Measurement data are displayed on the LCD with 7 digits. The meter is equipped with an output SO pulses.


The measuring instruments directive is a directive by de European Union, wich seeks to harminise many aspects of legal metrology across all member states od the EU. Its most prominent concept is that all kinds of energy meters which receive a MID approval may be used in all countries across the European Union.

Those energy meters used for bilinf should have MID certification. Thus, the quality of the instruments is ensured having been necessary to control by a notified body that justifies it.

The M1DL-MID energy meter has the approval that accredits the correct reading of the energy consumed.




  • MID certified class B (EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3
  • Single-phase
  • Direct measurement uo to 50A
  • Energy consumption LED
  • 7 digits electronic counter
  • Pulse output S0 (DIN 43864)
  • 1 DIN modules


  • Rated voltage (Un): 230 V AC
  • Burden: < 8 VA, 2W
  • Operating range: ± 15 % Un
  • Frequency: 50 Hz


  • Current I min … IB (IMAX): 0,25…5 (50) A
  • Burden: < 1 VA
  • Operating range: 0 – 100 % IMAX
  • Starting current (In): < 0,4 % IB

PULSE OUTPUT (Optocoupler)

  • Number of outputs: 1
  • Pulse weight: 1 pulse / Wh
  • Type S0 (DIN 43864): Optocoupler
  • Insulation: 3 kV, 1 min
  • Maximum current: 50 mA
  • Voltage: 5 – 48 V DC
  • Pulse length: > 70 ms

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M1DL-MID Energy meter

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M1DL-MID Energy meter