ATS_ Measuring transducer

Description: ATS_ converters are useful to convert a measurement of a resistance to a direct current value, either current or voltage. Thanks to this, we can know the temperature measurements through a PT-100 probe and communicate it to a device that can read DC magnitudes.

Its use has the following advantages:

    • Increased accuracy and reliability
    • Easy transport of the measurement signal by means of two small cross-section cables or shielded cable.
    • Possibility of computer processing of all data obtained.
    • Low input consumption allowing the use of smaller measuring transformers.
    • Savings in materials and installation assembly costs
    • Saving in stock of measuring devices by supplying a standardized output signal.



Temperature sensor PT-100

  • ATS1


  • ATS2
  • ATS1 – ATS2
  • Input: 100
  • Output: mA or V
  • Auxiliary voltage: AC or DC

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ATS_ Measuring transducer

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ATS_ Measuring transducer