(AC)Voltmeters. Programmable/ Multirrange

Programmable/multirrange indicators. Alternating current Auxiliary voltage Supply: universal (45-275) or standard A.C./D.C. 4 digits



DH5EM (48×48)
DH4EM (72×72)
DH3EM (96×96)
DP46EM (72×36)
DP35EM (96×48)

Display: Led, red light, digit height 14,3mm, high luminosity. Models DH5EM, DP46EM, digit height 10,2 mm.
Max. reading: 9999
Overrange: HHHH
Accuracy: 0.5% of reading ± 1 Digit
Temperature coefficient: 0.01% / ºC
Measuring range X/5 and X/1 A programmable: 1…9999V or kV

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(AC)Voltmeters. Programmable/ Multirrange

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(AC)Voltmeters. Programmable/ Multirrange