(AC) Programmable Digital Wattmeters

Programmable wattmeters. Single-Phase and Three-Phase AC Wattmeters. 4 digits



DP35W (96×48) – Single-phase. Alternating current
DP35WI (96×48) – Balanced three-phase. Alternating current

-Keypad available to set the current and voltage transformer ratio.
-Optional programmable alarm.
-Display: Led, red light, digit height 14.3 mm, high luminosity
-Max. reading: From -1999 to 9999
-Overrange indication: OFL
-Voltage input: 110, 230 or 400 V A.C.
-Burden: < 1 mA per phase (measurement) // < 3 VA between phases (balanced three-phase) or between phase and neutral (single-phase)
-Current input: 1 or 5 A.C.A. / Burden< 0.25 VA
-Accuracy: 0.5% of end scale value ± 1 digit.
-Temperature coefficient: 0.01%/ºC
-Alarm circuit: Optional programmable alarm, Max. or Min. value 1 conmutated potential-free contact (250 V, 3 A, 200 VA)

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(AC) Programmable Digital Wattmeters

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(AC) Programmable Digital Wattmeters