SACI presents at GENERA its solutions for the renewable energy environment

SACI, S.A. de Construcciones Industriales, will participate in the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, GENERA 2023, which will be held at Ifema Madrid from 21 to 23 February. It will be the Spanish manufacturer’s first stop in 2023 at a sectoral event to promote energy efficiency and achieve energy and cost savings through the control and measurement of electricity consumption.

SACI’s corporate stand will be the best showcase for solutions and services that meet the requirements of the energy sector. A complex network, in a market context of energy uncertainty, which requires precise digital management to optimise energy consumption, with solutions such as the MID series energy meters.

Within the MID family (so called because they have the European MID certification for energy meters used for billing), the TCIDL-MID model stands out, which combines a meter with a three-phase energy analyser, and can measure consumption as well as voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, frequency and maximum demand at low voltage. It stands out for its RS 485 and infrared communication capable of connecting up to 32 units in the same loop or 128 through a converter, being able to be controlled from any computer or network device.

In single-phase version SACI has the M1DL3-MID counter, for DIN rail and RS 485 communication. It is built according to EN 50470-1/3 with accuracy class B for active energy and class 2 for reactive energy, and is suitable for mechanical M1 and electromagnetic E2 environments in accordance with directive 2014/32/EU. The M1DL3-MID meter is also an analyser, measuring the various parameters of a single-phase system. The measured values can be viewed on the display or transmitted via the RS 485 port with Modbus RTU protocol.

“It is a perfect time for efficiency, savings and photovoltaic technology. The growth of renewable energies is unstoppable and can play a central role in the ecological recovery and digitalisation of the grid,” explains Jesús Montalbán, CEO of SACI, who shares his perspectives on the new energy system: “The future of the energy infrastructure lies in connectivity, bidirectionality, supported by the data collected from the installations. In this context, key aspects are the improvement of electricity costs with efficiency, digitising to optimise preventive maintenance and process improvement”.

The new SACI solutions that will be presented at GENERA address the challenges of the energy market from a technological, innovative perspective that facilitates the energy transition towards a more flexible, connected and decarbonised future.