new current transformers Narrow Profile con sombra


SACI is pleased to introduce its new line of Current Transformers of narrow profile, for primary nominal currents from 30 A up to 4000 A, classes 0.5,1 and 3.

 Adapted to the needs of customers, these new Current Transformers have multiple advantages.

  • Its narrow profile allows reduction of distance between wires and therefore makes better use of switchgears, saving money.
  • Reduction of Burden (VA) adapted to digital instrumentation that it is tending to reduced input charges.
  • Double terminal with M5 screws that allows short-circuit the secondary while performing installation.
  • Sealable terminal cover with flaps that prevent access once installed.
  • Improved fastening, reduced price, and easy installation…

 trafo abiertotrafo triple

 Download PDF:   

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pdf New line of Current Transformers; Narrow profile

 Current Transformers:    Narrow profile


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