M2DWIFI-2 monitoring energy meter

Optimising energy consumption is a key objective at an unstable time of rising energy prices. Residential, tertiary and industrial buildings consume huge amounts of energy to maintain the well-being of the people who live in them, enjoy them, work, etc. This energy must be measured in order to obtain precise information on where to act and improve performance.

The installation of energy management systems makes it easier to record electricity consumption and detect potential savings by identifying which elements of the building or industry are intensive consumers of energy. Equipment such as energy meters combined with a network analyser are the ultimate in reliability and consumption data collection.

Simple programming, easy connection and automatic data transfer are some of the advantages of the SACI M2DWIFI-2 energy meter with WIFI communication in order to optimise the building management system. The collected data can be used to compare energy consumption levels, and additional costs can be analysed with a focus on designing energy saving measures.


Over-consumption and cost reduction identification areas

SACI has developed the M2DWIFI-2 meter focusing on the importance of controlling and analysing energy consumption, providing support with its technology to energy service companies, campsites, tourist flats and end users, among others. It combines a network analyser with an energy meter, and allows energy parameters to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the contract, according to the free or regulated market, in order to know the cost of the bill.

This equipment, designed by the manufacturer from Madrid, allows remote metering and control of energy consumption in real time, adding the advantage of prepaid mode with management of recharges via web or APP through smartphones, Tablet, pc, etc.
Designed for DIN rail -it only occupies 2 modules-, capable of transmitting data via WIFI or RS485, integrable in third party platforms for free, open source, Cloud data storage, etc. are some of the most outstanding features of SACI’s M2DWIFI-2.
One of its most striking features is the remote management of the electrical panel, through which the activation of the equipment can be programmed, as well as its automatic deactivation when a set consumption limit is reached.

Among other technical aspects, the SACI energy meter has a nominal cut-off power of 63A, configurable alarms and reporting capabilities. Developed for a rated current of 5 (60)A and rated voltage 165-265V in alternating current, it is a self-powered device with remote power cut-off switch.

A device designed by SACI with its own R&D, innovative, in line with the demands of energy infrastructure professionals. The result is highly positive: driving the energy transition towards a more connected, renewable grid model, with total control of the parameters and costs of the electrical installation.

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