IP65 Protective covers





Protection covers for panel mounting devices

  • Easy Assembly.
  • Protection against bumps, scratches or any other external exposure, rains, liquids…
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Available in 2 standard sizes.         
 Model  Dimension  Ordering Code
3V  96×96 mm YVARSV193
4V   72×72 mm  YVARSV194 





1- Insert the rubber into the device through the back area.
Then introduce the device into the panel hole intended, and help yourself to him to bring the rubber at the front area of the device.






2 – Fit the plastic cover from the front. The pressure between the rubber, the device and the panel will make sure it is securely attached.


3- Hold the device to the panel with the corresponding fixing system.



 – The device will be fully adjusted and protected. The material composed it makes it completely waterproof against dust, liquids … avoiding the risk that may occur against rain or another external exposures.



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