Construction is the art or technique of building infrastructure. In a broader sense, construction refers to everything that requires a project and predetermined planning before it can be carried out.

In Spain, construction is one of the main drivers of national growth, contributing 5.9% of PIB in 2019 and boosting more than ten sub-sectors of the economy thanks to its multiplier effect.

An electrical substation is an installation intended to establish the appropriate voltage levels for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Its main equipment is the transformer. It is usually divided into sections, usually three main ones (measurement, step blades and switch), and the others are derived. Derivative sections typically carry switches of various types towards transformers.

SACI is approved by the main electricity companies and regularly supplies current transformers, measurement converters and network analyzers for the remote management of this type of installation.

As a general rule, one can speak of “lifting” electrical substations, located in the vicinity of power generating plants, whose function is to raise the voltage level, up to 132, 220 or even 400 kV, before delivering the energy to the transmission grid; and “reducing” electrical substations, which reduce the voltage level to values that usually range between 10 and 66 kV and deliver the energy to the distribution network. Subsequently, the transformation centers reduce voltage levels to commercial values (low voltage) suitable for domestic and industrial consumption, typically 400 V.

A transformation center is an electrical installation that receives energy in high voltage (30 kilovolts) or medium voltage (10, 15 or 20 kilovolts) and delivers it in medium or low voltage for use by end users, usually at 400 volts in three-phase and 230 in single-phase. Broadly speaking, this is a particular case of an electrical substation.

Renewable energies are those sources of energy based on the use of natural resources: the sun, wind, water or plant or animal biomass. They are characterized by not using fossil fuels, but natural resources capable of unlimited renewal. SACI is present in the main photovoltaic solar power plants. With network analyzers and digital equipment, current and voltage transformers for 800Vdc. We have a range of electronic components that will make your product ensure the best performance and reliability.

The smart grid (or REI) can be defined as the dynamic integration of developments in electrical engineering and energy storage, and advances in information and communication technologies (or ICT), within the business of electrical energy (generation, transmission, distribution, storage and marketing, including alternative energies), thus allowing the areas of coordination of protections, control, instrumentation, measurement, quality and energy management, etc., to be concatenated into a single management system, with the primary objective of making an efficient and rational use of electrical energy.