Domoelectra presents our M2DIWIFI-2 device

In an increasingly connected and technologically advanced world, efficient energy and power management has become a priority for homes, businesses and communities around the world. The increasing reliance on electricity in our daily lives has created an urgent need to monitor installations remotely and be aware of any problems that may arise in real time. […]


The complexity of electricity infrastructures has increased considerably, driving a global digitalization and modernisation that seeks to adapt to new power generation models. Power producers face the challenge of guaranteeing an extensive and high quality electricity supply throughout the territory, but this task is becoming increasingly complicated, especially with the advent of decentralization in power […]

Saci updates its electric vehicle meter range

SACI introduces its new M1DL3-MID and M1DL3T-MID meters, both of which are improvements over their previous versions and offer unique features in the energy sector. Energy costs are a major concern for all residential, tertiary and industrial installations. A decisive factor that led SACI to design a solution to control the energy installation through the […]

M2DWIFI-2 monitoring energy meter

Optimising energy consumption is a key objective at an unstable time of rising energy prices. Residential, tertiary and industrial buildings consume huge amounts of energy to maintain the well-being of the people who live in them, enjoy them, work, etc. This energy must be measured in order to obtain precise information on where to act […]

TCIDL1, energy meter

SACI’s metering and monitoring solutions are designed for one goal: improve the performance of energy installations. For energy management purposes is worthly obtain precise data on energy consumptions. The TCIDL1 energy meter is three phase unbalance 3 or 4 wires, direct measurement up to 80A, with a LED indicator of energy consumption and 8 digits […]