Prepaid energy meter

CMDP2 – Smart card technology for prepayment.– Brackets for wall mounting option.– Safety level of energy available in the event of credit running out*.– Notification of low credit**.– Output for connection to a centralized system.– Unused credit can be calculated and returned   MODEL CODE IMAGE CMDP2   PREPAID METER YCMDP271505   CMDP2    CARD […]



THREE PHASE ENERGY METER + ANALYZER: TCIDL-MID   • Three phase• RS-485 communication. MODBUS Protocol• 4 Tariffs (hourly discrimination capability)• Accuracy CL.B Active Cl.2 Reactive (En62053)• Direct input up to 80 A• Led indicator• LCD Display 8 digits• Active energy counter resettable• MID CERTIFIED   The new unit is also MID certificated aiming to harmonise many legal aspects of monitoring and measurement devices […]

Analyzer SAM3000

The display (optional) has an easy-to-use user-friendly interface with quick RJ12 connection.     In addition to measuring typical network parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power, etc., the measuring module also measures network quality parameters such as:   THD current and voltage Harmonics RMS current and voltage Current and voltage unbalance Crest factor Swell/Sag […]


Analyzer AHM1

New Network analizers AHM1 MODEL ORDERING CODE AHM1 ZAHM1 AHM1-B (BASIC) ZAHM1B AHM1-BC (BASIC WITH COMMUNICATION) ZAHM1BC AHM1-TCP (ETHERNET TCP-IP) ZAHM1TCP      Questions, suggestions or quote? Please contact.  


AHM1-RC analyzer

New network anlalyzer AHM1-RC The AHM1-RC network analyzer has all the features of the AHM1 analyzer with the advantage of being adapted to use with Rogowski coils. This fact makes it the most easily installed analyzer of our range, together with all the benefits that Rogowski coils offer. Easy wire RJ12. 3 different sizes of coils: 70 […]


Horizontal C.T. TU100PSH

 MODEL TU100PSH  Bar (mm)  100×30  Cable (mm)  80X50  Accuracy class 0,5  1  Ipn (A) VA 400 10 500 5 10 600 5 10 750 15 10 800 15 10 1000 15 15 1200 15 15 1500 15 15 1600 15 15 2000 15 15 2500 15 15 3000 15 15 4000 15 15 5000 15 […]


MINI Split core C.T.

New min split-core C.T. TA24P and TA36P    MODEL TA24P TA36P  Bus Bar (mm) –  –  Cable (mm) 24 Ø  36 Ø  Accuracy class 0,5 1 0,5 1  Ipn (A) VA VA 100   1   1 200   1 1 1 300   1,5 1 1,5 400 1 1,5 2,5 5 500     5 7,5 […]

midl-mid slide ENG

Energy meter M1DL-MID

New single-phase meter M1DL-MID with MID Certified   MODEL ORDERING CODE M1DL-MID YM1DLMID3201     ¿WHAT IS MID? The Measuring Instruments Directive is a directive by the European Union, which seeks to harmonise many aspects of legal metrology across all members states of the EU. Its most prominent concept is that all kinds of energy meters […]

Energy meter M2DL2

M2DL2 Energy meter and nework analyzer     The M2DL2 energy meter and network analyzer is designed to act as an energy meter and also measures parameters of a single phase network, such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power factor and frequency in low voltage.     The M2DL2 is characterized through its RS-485 communication […]

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