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Measuring Transducers

The measurement converters or measurement transducers are devices that transform the value of any physical quantity into a proportional DC signal (normalized current or voltage). They are especially useful in automation and control systems for recording large quantities.

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On our website you can find a variety of meters such as the CP40 measurement converter, ATIP ATUP, ATU_, ATS_, among others. All of them are designed to transform a physical quantity into an electrical signal. Thus, the transducers are made to detect physical quantities such as pressure, humidity, temperature… in order to transform them into electrical signals. All our products are made to be intuitive and have an accurate precision, contact us and ask for your customized quotation!

The operating parameters of a converter

These are the most common operating parameters by which the performance of a transducer is determined:


This is the true value of the variable being detected. The accuracy should be as high as possible and without systematic errors.


Existence or non-existence of some minimum variation in the measurement of a variable. It should also be as high as possible.

Speed of response

Ability to respond to changes in the detected variable for a short time.


Stability is the ability to keep the static response curve fixed for a specific period of time.


Measuring transducers do not need to be calibrated often and, when needed, it is very simple to do.

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