SACI in Cameroon and Ghana

SACI traveled to Cameroon and Ghana in June for 4 intensive days of meetings to explore business opportunities in these two countries in the Gulf of Guinea.



Cameroon has the largest economy of the 6 countries forming the CEMAC. Congo, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon and Central African Republic.

The CEMAC is driving a economic integration that is gathering strength.

The electrical equipment sector is characterized by its great dynamism with a multitude of distributors. This is where SACI has released their brand, as an alternative to French products mainly imported, installed and distributed in the Cameroonian market.


The industrial sector in Ghana is not well developed and imports of electrical equipment products have increased in recent years. It is very likely that the market of electrical equipment for industrial applications grow where SACI aims to achieve more sales.


Welcoming was lovely in both countries whose visit appeared even in the Ghanaian newspaper.