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APP iPhone SACIgest v1.0

New APP for iPhone; SACIgest

SACI has launched its new APP for Iphone, SACIgest v1.0, with which you can make accurate readings of SACI equipments of your installation from anywhere in the world.

If you have SACIgest program, download the new free app for iPhone. 

iphone y analizadores

The new APP has 3 main screens:

 – Network setup:

This menu is to configurate:

  • The public IP address.
  • TCP port location Software SACIgest.
  • Geographical place where facility is located.

 – Configuratión:

In this menu, it will be necessary:

  • SACI devices used in the installation.
  • Their MODBUS ID identification.

Once accepted, the equipment must be identified within the application and you can visualize the corresponding readings.

 –  Download

If the device is configured correctly, in this third screen will appear the corresponding readings in real time.
You can add as many devices as you have in your installation.

Terminal models handled by the system are as follows:

  • Network analyzers:

          LCC, LCCM
          LCA, LCAM, LDA, LDA144, LDA144M
          LAB96, LABM
          MAR96, MAR144
          MDA96, MDA144
          TCEM,TMCC, TMCQ

  • Measuring transducers:   

          CP 2000, CP 3000, CP 4000