Analyzer SAM3000

SAM3000 is a new generation of electrical parameter monitoring product that can measure real-time electrical parameter, energy metering, power quality analysis, status monitoring and off-limit alarm functions.

SAM3000 consists of a display (optional), a communications module (optional), a measurement module and a power supply module.

fo sam3000 LThe display (optional) has an easy-to-use user-friendly interface with quick RJ12 connection.
FO sam3000 01 011 L
In addition to measuring typical network parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power, etc., the measuring module also measures network quality parameters such as:
  • THD current and voltage
  • Harmonics RMS current and voltage
  • Current and voltage unbalance
  • Crest factor
  • Swell/Sag voltage
  • Fluctuations and flickers…

Typical connection diagram. Up to 32 three-phase or 96 single-phase circuits can be connected and displayed with a single monitor.

FO EsquemaSAM3000 ENG


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